The curious case of Martin Marincin

He resembles a giraffe on skates. Not only in his appearance, but also in his awkward, almost clumsy skating. He’s also posting bagels in the goals and assists column 30 games into his Leafs career. Martin Marincin has never been confused for an offensive stalwart, but you would think you would stumble upon an assist at some point after 350 minutes of playing time. No such luck for Marincin, unless you count this pizza on Saturday night with 47 seconds left. (4:55)

Marincin was just doing his part to assist in the race to the basement and wants to give his team the best shot at Auston Matthews they can get. On a serious note Marincin and Roman Polak should never be on the ice with under a minute left in a close game, but Morgan Rielly had lost his helmet and couldn’t get a new one in time to get out there.

Back to the point

I know what you’re thinking, “are you that desperate that you need to talk about Martin Marincin?” Here’s the thing though, the possession stats say he’s much better than the eye test tells you. It’s fascinating to me. I try to keep an eye on him every time he’s on the ice to figure out what exactly he does that drives possession in the Leafs favour and I can’t figure it out. He’s usually pretty close to invisible out there for the most part, aside from the above video, and he doesn’t seem to do anything particularly well. He just kind of happens to be there, but then you look at his CF% of 54.2%. That is right behind James van Riemsdyk’s number of 54.6%. Marincin has almost exclusively played with Polak as well, which makes things even harder. I found this shootout winner by Marincin from last season and it basically sums up his skill set. (10:35)

Thrown into a situation he should never be in. Tries hard, fumbles the puck. Oh look it worked. I actually can’t believe he shot in the 12th round. How insulted would you be to be one of the players selected to shoot after Big Bird from Sesame Street? I would’ve let Ben Scrivens shoot before him. Nothing about the Leafs lanky defenseman, save for his height, stands out in any game. Nothing about his game would be considered smooth or electric. I’m ragging on him a little bit, but at the end of the day he has been a pretty effective bottom pairing guy. I just don’t know why exactly. Don’t ever change, Martin. At least not until I figure out what you do that makes you good.

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